Maintenance window is being open in this mastodon instance.

- Disk is 97%, some clean is needed.
- Mastodon version is outdated, let's try to update...

# make cleanmedia
docker exec -it mastodon_web_1 tootctl media remove --days=3
Removed 6623 media attachments (approx. 4.14 GB)
docker exec -it mastodon_web_1 tootctl preview_cards remove --days=3
Removed 2966 preview cards (approx. 97 MB)

Disk is 70% now.

$ docker system prune -a
Total reclaimed space: 1.993GB

Disk is 57% now.

$ docker-compose run --rm web rails db:migrate
$ make start

Phew, there we go :)

It's being a good Friday. Maintenance window closed \o/

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